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  • Hotline: 0937.31.0990 - 0937.51.0990

About us



Thien Minh is among the most 20 reputable authorized agents of Vietnam Airlines in the Northern region, as well as among those who gain high revenue of Jetstar Pacific, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, and other international airlines that are doing business in Vietnam market. Not only that Thien Minh aim to provide professional, quick and high-quality service in terms of booking air tickets, we also care about the whole itinerary of the customers including other related service such as hotel reservation, visa-passport procedure, and so on. Thien Minh ensures to provide these service with the lowest fare and via the most convenient transaction method for customers.  

The air ticket service of Thien Minh consists of:

  • Tickets for individual travelers
  • Tickets for group travelers
  • Tickets exclusive for tour package
  • Charter flight
  • Tickets exclusive for Japanese and Korean
  • Tickets exclusive for visiting family and relatives, laboring and studying abroad
  • Ticket and hotel booking combination
  • 24/7 service
  • Urgent booking
  • Go show priority
  • Luggage exceeding support
  • Check-in procedure
  • Seat reservation
  • Business class upgrading for VIP customers (with reasonable fare)


Thien Minh is famous for organizing a lot of sightseeing, examining, and educating tour programs for domestic institutes. Our tour programs are designed basing on practical and specific demand of each customer; therefore, they can always be distinguished from other travel agents’ popular ones. With the benefits of operating in multi business fields, Thien Minh has been continuing to gain creditability from many business partners and customers.

Some of those distinctive tours of Thien Minh are:

  • Korea and Japan tours
  • China, Hong Kong, and Macau tours
  • South East Asia tours
  • Europe tours

In addition, Thien Minh is always willing to provide accompanying service such as transportation and accommodation for customers:

  • Hotel reservation
  • Immigration, Visa – passport procedure
  • Car rental
  • Event organization